Make Your Holiday Party an Arcade Party

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Make Your Holiday Party an Arcade Party

Why settle for another boring office party at the Olive Garden or some other chain restaurant? Why not change it up this season? Flip the switch and have thee best Holiday Party ever in the greater Cleveland area.

Did you have to make an excuse to get out of the lame Christmas party last year?

This year, you don't have to, Everyone will want to come......

Come get into the holiday spirit by challenging the boss to OffRoad (3 player) winner gets an extra vacation day? Play Track & Field with 4 friends and battle for the Gold.

Feeling like a team building exercise, grab 4 co-workers and defeat Shredder and his goons on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or defeat Aliens on our Shooting game Area 51/Site 4 always fun.

Christmas is a time of giving. So, give the people in your life what they want this year, A little entertainment on those cold Ohio winter days, Especially here in Northeast Ohio.