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Updated List of Games as of September 10, 2019 Mark the games you'd like and let me know ASAP as they are going fast. Payment needed to reserve games. Scroll down for pics and more. ClassicsNeo Geo 4 Slot w/ 151-game cart - $1,999Pac-Man $900 x 2 Pac-Man Cabaret $700 Multi Pac-Man - $1200 Ms Pac-Man $900 x 2 Ms Pac-Man $500 x1 Ms Pac-Man Cabaret $700 Pink Ms Pac-Man $950 w/ speed chip Centipede $900 Red Tent – crt - $1800 Red Tent lcd - $1200Space Invaders $800 Asteroids cocktail $400  Elevator Action (Jungle King Cab) $1000  Klax - $700  FoodFight...

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With all these spots opening, arcade games are becoming more and more difficult to come by. You have to hunt for months to put together a decent collection of titles. Or you can start an arcade by purchasing all the games you need from an arcade dealer like CLE Social. A one stop shop and you can find all the games you'll need to open an arcade.

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A Northeast Ohio Arcade Company that Buys, Sells, Trades & Repairs arcade games and pinball machines. CLE Social is your one-stop shop for anything you need.

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