Arcade & Pinball Repair

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Commercial & Residential Service Rates

  • $95/hour (1 hour minimum)

  • Additional hours: $90 (Billed in 15 minute increments)

  • Trip Charges apply at .75/mile from our facility

  • Parts needed billed accordingly

  • Arcade & Pinball Repair Pricing Ohio

If the game is not repaired within the first hour, an evaluation will be made to determine how much additional time and parts will be needed to finish the repair. (Assuming the machine is worth repairing.)

If a game cannot be repaired, the one hour minimum still applies. If for any reason the item serviced is not picked up and paid for, We reserve the right to sell the item after 90 days without notice. We will make three attempts to collect if we are unable to collect on the item, We will sell it to recoup our loss.

Service: If, within 30 days, a similar problem to the original symptom occurs, the customer is entitled to one service call only up to the length of the original service call.
Customer still has to pay mileage and any additional parts needed. If it is a new and different problem, it will be considered a new service call.

Warranty does not include lights.