What is CLE Social?
CLE Social is an old school arcade with more than 30 stand up arcade games set to Free Play. We also have a couple of pinball machines and a pair of redemption games (claw machines) and a gumball machine.
How much is admission?
Regular Admission for unlimited gaming all day is: $7 for Children & $10 for adults. That's for all of the games on Free Play. The pinball games and claw machine are coin-operated and not included in the regular admission. We also have a $5/One Hour Special that runs at select times during our regular business hours. See those times, HERE.
Why do I have to pay admission if I'm not playing?
We have a limited space and we're growing. Please consider: this is the perfect opportunity to bond with your child, playing games where you will have the upper hand – don’t pass up your chance for some payback!
Do you serve alcohol?
Not at this time but there are bars within walking distance and with paid admission, you can come and go as you please.
Do you serve food or drinks?
We have a snack bar with candy bars and a popcorn machine and other treats as well as a stocked cooler with cold drinks for purchase.
Why don't you just charge a couple of quarters per game?
A lot of reasons—but mainly because quarters jam. Kid's attention span jumps every 2 minutes so they can bounce to another game. It's just easier in the long run and you get more bang for you buck.
What's with the name CLE Social?
We didn't just want to call it an arcade because it's so much more than that. It's a fun spot to meet up. It's a great place to watch a game, enjoy a beverage, battle your kid at a video game where you have the advantage, bring the local youth group to blow off steam, have a book club meeting, a team building exercise and more.
Can I have a Birthday Party at CLE Social?
Absolutely. Birthday party, Graduation Party, Going Away Party, Retirement Party, you name it. We have Party Packages that will fit any budget and WE Take care of set up and clean up!
Do you have a private Room Available for rent?
In order to expand our space and make room for even more games, we do not have a separate party room at this time. However, Birthday Parties will have a designated "Party Area" devoted to Birthday Party guests. In addition, we do offer Private Arcade Rentals which are closed to the public. If you'd like more information, please Contact Us!
Do You have Pinball Machines?
Yes, we have 2 X-Files pinball and Avatar Pinball.  Each pinball is $.50/game.
Why is Pinball not included in the admission price?
Pinball is a game where a metal sphere smashes objects. The parts in a pinball game are costly to maintain.
What arcade games do you have?
We have 31 games and our line up is always changing to keep it fresh and fun. Here is our current list of games.
Are you open on school holidays?
Yes, we open at 11 am and we're also open on Snow Days at 11 am. Check our Facebook page for the most recent updates to our school holiday and snow day schedule.
Do you have Specials or Coupons?
Yes. Sign-up for our Newsletter located at the bottom of our home page and be the first to know when we add a new game or have a deal you don't want to miss. We also have a Special Events Page with current promotions.
What are your hours?
Friday 4-10, Sat 12-10 & Sunday 12-6. If we’re empty at one hour prior to close, we may elect to close early – if you’re planning to arrive 90 minutes prior to the end of our business day, please call aheadNot sure you’re going to get the full value for your admission when arriving near the end of our business day? We will stay open up to 30 minutes after close to ensure you have at least one hour of play after your arrival! Hours are subject to change without notice – if you’re planning a future visit, be sure to call or email to verify our hours for your planned date.