Joust Multi-Williams Arcade Machine

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Joust cab with JROK board that has: The Williams Multigame is a hardware/software combination that allows Robotron, Defender, Joust, Stargate, Bubbles and Splat! to be played in a single cabinet simply by selecting them from an onscreen menu system.

Cab is a little rough at the bottom but still a good looking survivor with original painted side art and CRT monitor.

All-in-one JROK design integrating video/CPU board and soundboard. Non-emulated hardware design replicating the original game board logic in FPGA.  Micro-controller based integrated sound board.
Supported games:
  • Defender - (with optional Turbo Mode)
  • Defender - White ROM Set
  • Defender - Green ROM Set
  • Stargate - (with optional Turbo Mode)
  • Robotron
  • Robotron - Tie Die ROM Set
  • Joust
  • Joust - Red ROM Set with Pterodactyl Bug
  • Bubbles
  • Splat!
  • Blaster - Stereo with external sound board
  • Blaster Kit - Single Speaker
  • Sinistar *
  • Sinistar - AMOA *